October is one of my favourite months for many reasons. First, to see the season unfold with breathtaking fall colours on all the trees, all the pumpkins, getting cozy inside with the fire on and getting ready for the very special day of the month which is Thanksgiving! We are blessed to live in such a beautiful country. When you hear of all the devastation all over the world, we should never be complaining about anything. We live in a country where we are free to live and worship. This thanksgiving was even more special with the good news that I recently heard about my health. I certainly never take anything for granted and I am blessed with the things that truly matter in this life.

October also is pink month. Otherwise known as breast cancer awareness month. Did you know that 1 in 9 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in their lifetime? That's a lot! I have spent a lot of time thinking about my first diagnosis with breast cancer, almost 6 years ago, and the journey I have been on since that day. The Canadian Cancer Society has put so much money and research into breast cancer awareness and have come a long way - especially in the past decade or so. I think about all of the incredible women I have met who have had a similar journey with breast cancer. It is a special bond we all share. For a woman, this is a hard cancer to have. There are so many obstacles within breast cancer that strip women down, and it becomes hard to cope with. Things such as losing your breasts, chemotherapy, hair loss, body changes, and more. As we go through all the physical and emotional changes to our bodies, the good news is the hair grows back! Life after breast cancer completely changes us as we experience the raw and real world of how amazing God made our bodies and how much we can endure to come out the other end not only surviving, but being a better woman because of it! Stronger and more beautiful than before both inside and out! 

I was honoured on Thanksgiving weekend to be invited back to SFU where my girls both played university volleyball. The team played that weekend raising money for breast cancer awareness and had a silent auction, 50/50 draw, and bake sale with all proceeds going to BC Breast Cancer Agency. Victoria's past teammates honoured me and another woman as survivors before the game and gave us a pink t-shirt and flowers. It was a very touching and emotional evening for me. 

I want to encourage all of you ladies to get your mammogram and be proactive with your bodies. We live in a great province where we have great screening and very aggressive medical system that looks after us women who battle this horrible disease. I continue to hope for the day when we will find a cure for cancer but for now I am thankful to be living and surviving even after all of the cancers my body has endured.

I am so thankful for each and every one of you and all that you have done to uphold me in prayer during my journey, I am for ever grateful.