Test Results

Well, after 6 years of countless tests, scans, blood work, major surgeries, procedures, radiation, chemo and the list goes on, I finally got some good news!!!

As I mentioned in my previous blog, last Monday I went for my CT scan and was supposed to wait over a week to get the results. Last Wednesday, my Oncologist called me. When I saw the number come up on my phone saying it was the cancer clinic I went right into panic mode! Why would they be calling me when my appointment was this week?

My oncologist was kind enough to call with the good news that my scan was CLEAR!

She knew the stress that comes with the waiting and wanted to deliver some good news to me.  The happy tears were flowing as I listened to her. I had to wait until today to find out my blood work results and to see how my one and only kidney is functioning, so I still felt some anxiety. Not to mention, the dreaded visit to the cancer clinic! For those that have been on this cancer journey, I know you can relate too well. Walking through the doors, hearing those sounds, and the smells that come from it, along with seeing the countless sad faces of the people battling their cancer. It is not a fun place to be but I am thankful for the amazing doctors and nurses that are there who take care of us so well.

Cancer has changed me. I hope for the better. I have worked hard on trying to always see the good and to remain as positive as one can, given the circumstances. I would never wish my journey on any one as this has truly been the hardest time in my life in many ways, but I am thankful for all the little miracles I have seen along the way. There have been many people I have met throughout this journey, and I have received many blessings regardless of the heartaches I have endured. I have witnessed so much growth in Randy and the kids and they have become better individuals because of it. So the question is, would I take back anything or wish for a different life? Well there is no simple answer, but no one wants to go through cancer. However, I am beyond thankful, as I have said before, that I have learnt to live in the moment, enjoy everything, and to not take anything or anyone for granted. I am truly thankful for each day that I am given and I choose to live it to the fullest!

My oncologist asked me an interesting question when she saw me. She said, “So what have you been doing this past year?” I said, “LIVING! I have enjoyed each and every day, spent time in Hawaii, have done lots of entertaining and spending time with so many people, and I am just so thankful to be alive!”

I keep clinging to one of my favourite scriptures; Jeremiah 29:11. ‘For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’

I continue to pray that all the future tests and exams I will have will be clear and that I can keep on living my life. No one knows how long we have on this earth, but I hope I am around for some years to come. For today, I will just be thankful for the wonderful news I have received and the relief of so much anxiety and stress. I am thanking and praising God for his goodness and faithfulness in my life.

Thank you for your prayers, support, and encouragement. I am so grateful to each and every one of you. This is a faith builder for all of us that God hears and answers our prayers.