Mid-Summer Recap

June came and went so fast! What a month it was! It was a month of lots of parties and celebrations for us but the highlight for me was participating in the Relay For Life and speaking to all those who attended to share a bit of my journey. Team Senges raised over $6,000 this year and the Langley Relay for Life raised over 140K for cancer research, awareness and testing to make progress in finding cures for cancer. It was wonderful to have so many family and friends come out to show their support for me and the cause.

I want to thank those of you who made donations to our team and for those that walked or ran the track that night. I cannot put into words the appreciation I have for so many of you that have supported me and my family these past 6.5 years.

I have several people I know right now battling this horrible disease and going through surgeries and treatments. Cancer has no boundaries and it's hard to see so many people suffering. However, I am thankful that so much has been done already to help those of us fighting this disease. Once the C word has come into your life, it can never be forgotten and you are forever changed. I truly battle each and every day with fears that cancer could return. I continually keep giving it to the Lord and keep praying for peace and healing. I have to remind myself always that I am alive today and I have to continue to live each day to the fullest. I am going to enjoy my summer and try not to worry about the fall when my tests start all over again for my routine check up.

Enjoy your summer, take time to be with those you love. Relax, read a book, take a walk, and be thankful for all we have here in Canada. We live in a beautiful country! We are blessed!

Thanks for your love, support and prayers.

Below is a picture of some of us at The Relay for Life! Unfortunately we didn't get everyone in the picture, people were busy walking the track.