Cancer Free!

The summer flew by! What a great summer we had here on the coast. Lots of sunshine and very little rain. I truly enjoyed my summer and did lots of things around home and in the Lower Mainland. We live in such a gorgeous city that there is so much to do as well as lots of entertaining and parties at our house. I continued to live one day at a time making the most of it.

September is a difficult month for me. This is the month when I feel like my life is put on hold as I wait, worry, and stress about the upcoming annual CT scan and trip to the cancer clinic to hear the results from my oncologist. Many sleepless nights, lots of prayer, and a constant fight against anxiety and fear. This is always a place of surrender as I continue to put my trust in God for my future.

I am beyond happy to report that today I found out that my scan was clear and I am cancer free!!! Thank you to so many people that have prayed for me throughout my journey and for the countless people that have been praying for me specifically this month. I am so blessed and humbled to be sharing my journey with so many people that continue to support me and pray for me.

Something I have been thinking about a lot these past few months has been my heritage and how blessed I am. These past six months I have lost four of my aunts on my moms side. All of them were strong Godly women with many different talents and they each lived long lives. They all impacted me in many different ways. This past weekend I flew to Edmonton to one of my aunts funeral. While having time to reflect on her life, I realized that all of my aunts have one thing in common, and that was their love for family. They were all giving women that had the gift of hospitality. With all I have been through, I am very aware of my mortality and how short life is. I don't know if I will live into my 90's like my aunts did, but I hope I can leave this earth with the same legacy they did. 

I have once again been reminded that I wouldn't be standing today or surviving if it wasn't for my faith, my husband, my family and my friends! Thank you once again for loving me, supporting me, encouraging me and most importantly praying for me throughout my journey.